Cocaine worth $18 million found in crates of bananas, which gave as a donation

Since no one took 45 boxes of bananas in the port of Texas donated them to Scott prison Unit. Did not yet know what is actually in the boxes contains a shipment of cocaine worth about $18 million!

On Friday (21 September) morning two sergeants arrived at the port to load bananas, but noticed that one of the boxes different from the others. Opening it, they found a bag of white powdery substance hidden under the bananas.

«One of the sergeants noticed that one of the boxes didn’t look quite right… Looked inside and saw something extremely suspicious», — explained the representative of the Department of criminal justice state Jeremy Dezel, adding that officers of the correctional officer and Supervisory correctional facility are trained to notice these things.

U.S. customs (CBP) has confirmed that the boxes contained cocaine. Now the CBP representatives together with agents of Management on struggle against drugs (DEA) are investigating the case. In General, it was found 540 kg of cocaine, valued at $17 820 000.

«Smuggling methods are always changing,» reported WABC DEA special agent Wendell Campbell.

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it gives you bananas. And sometimes, it gives you something you’d never…

Posted by Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Friday, September 21, 2018

«Sometimes life gives you lemons. Sometimes she gives you bananas, says on the page of the Department of criminal justice Texas in Facebook. – And sometimes she brings you something you never expected!»