Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

According to statistics, every week in the United States lost thousands of people. Some of them do, or they declare themselves, but many disappear without a trace. Resource Monsters and Critics made a selection of the most mysterious disappearances in American history.

Children Of Siderov

Jenny (age 8), Betty (5 years), Maurice (14), Martha ( 12 years) and Louis (9 years old).

Date and place of disappearance: on the night of 24 to 25 Dec 1945, Fayetteville (West Virginia).

On Christmas eve 5 little Soderm was allowed to go to bed later. The remaining 5 of their brothers and sisters went with his parents, Jenny and George, sleep.

At midnight Jenny Sodder was awakened by a phone call. She picked up the phone, a woman called the wrong number. In an hour Mrs. Sodder again woke up from his knock coming from the roof. A few minutes later she smelled smoke and realized the house was on fire!

The woman woke her husband and 2-year-old Sylvia, whose crib was in their bedroom. Then the parents rushed to Wake the other children. After futile attempts to cope with the flares of the fire, they ran out into the yard — Jenny, Betty, Maurice, Martha and Louis was not there.

George Sodder began to search for a ladder to get to the kids bedrooms on the upper floor. But stairs, which always stood near the house, nowhere to be found. She was found several days later near the ashes.

According to the official version, the children died in the fire. But Jenny and George insisted that someone stole. And not without justification.

First, the remains of the dead were never found. Fire claimed that bodies were burned to ashes, but the parents refused to believe it. Jenny even conducted experiments, burning the meat and bones of animals, but each time were never burnt elements.

Second, several local residents claimed that they saw 5 children fit the description of the missing. One woman said they were with a group of Italians (George Sodder — a native of Italy) and the other said that he saw the parked car with the license plates of Florida.

After futile searches, and the refusal of the FBI to continue the investigation of the wife of Sodder promised first $5 million, and then $10 thousand to anyone who at least knows something about the whereabouts of their children. In 1968, parents received by mail a photograph of a young man from Kentucky. On the back were a few words, including the name — Louis Sodder. The parents hired a detective to find the addressee, but he failed. Jenny and George Sodder died believing that the man is their missing son. Their children and grandchildren continued the search but never found out what actually happened in 1945, the night before Christmas.

Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

Alissa Maclemore (21)

Date and place of disappearance: September 4, 2009, the city of Kent (WA).

The last time Alyssa saw when she spoke to the man in the green truck in the center of Kent. She had to go home to his mother dying of scleroderma. Grandmother of Alyssa talked to her at 18.30, saying that his mother was the worst mom.

At 21.15, 911 received a call from a mobile Alyssa. The dispatcher heard a female voice cry for help, but the phone does not have GPS sensor, so it failed to track.

Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

Another witness told police that he had seen Alyssa before she disappeared with a driver of the green truck — a white male 50-60 years old, about 5 feet, 8 inches (176 cm) and weighing 175 to 185 pounds (79 to 84 kg). He allegedly was familiar with Alyssa.

3 days after the disappearance of Alyssa, her mother died. The young woman never showed up, no one even heard of her. Alissa left 3-year-old daughter.

Garnell Moore — invisible boy (7 years old)

Date and place of disappearance: August 2002, Baltimore (MD).

Garnell never went to school, he had no medical or dental history. Parents were not involved in his upbringing: his mother most of his life spent in prison for drugs and his father was almost a Vagabond, hunted small crimes.

Garnell lived with his father’s sister Belinda Cache. Another aunt of the boy, Trina, last saw him in early August, 20012. She tried to meet his nephew, but Belinda several times to reschedule the meeting.

Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

3 years have passed. No one knew anything about Gernelle, who at that time was to be 10 years old. Relatives were unaware that he was missing, until June 2005, when they accidentally met Belinda and asked her about her nephew. The woman replied that he’s in school in Virginia.

Trina was concerned to find out exactly where a child learns. When social services she could not help, she called the police. The police checked records Genelle and found out that he never went to school.

After that, Belinda confessed that 3 years ago she couldn’t care about Gernelle and left him on the steps of the building social services near Edmondson Avenue in West Baltimore. Police questioned the veracity of the words of Belinda, who once caught for minor offense. Investigators tried to find any clue after searching the one and the other habitation, where lived the family of Belinda. Careless aunt of the boy even took a test of lie detector, but police still didn’t believe in told her story. The staff sotssluzhb also never seen similar to the description of the child.

«Invisible boy» (as Garnell called media) are looking for still. There is only one picture of him taken when he was 4 years old. There is also a simulated image of how he might look like in adolescence. Now guy, if he is alive — 23 years.

Lauria Bible (16 years) and Ashley Freeman (16 years old)

Date and place of disappearance: December 30, 1999, the city of Welch (OK).

After an evening of partying Ashley with her best friend Lauria went home. Ashley just had a birthday — they are like a family and celebrate this event, and Lauria spent the night at the girlfriend.

At 6 in the morning passing by the house Primakov motorist reported the fire. The only body found in the burnt house belonged to the mother of Ashley — Katie Freeman.

First, the police decided that Ashley’s dad, Danny, killed his wife and kidnapped girls. However, the next morning after the fire, parents Lauria found the ashes of a burnt corpse of Mr. Freeman. Then the investigators found that the parents of Ashley were shot, and home arson.

There have been many versions of what happened to Lauria and Ashley. According to one, parents were killed and girls were kidnapped because of possible problems Danny Freeman drug.

Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

There is an assumption that all gave the girls themselves. Some believe that the case involved the police. The fact that for six months before the incident brother Ashley was killed in the attempted theft of the vehicle.

Whatever it was, no one of her friends, no one never saw.

Asha, Degree (9 children)

Date and place of disappearance: February 14, 2000 Shelby (NC).

The last time little Asha saw her father at 2.30 and her brother slept in the same room, said she heard a noise near her bed. At 6.30 the mother later discovered that her daughter in the crib there, and some of her things are gone.

According to relatives and friends, Asha was cheerful, calm, a little shy as a child. However, the police decided that the girl escaped because 2 trucker claimed to have seen her on the highway between 3.30 to 4.15. According to eyewitnesses, Asha turned back and walked into the darkness.

Missing: the mysterious history of the United States. Part 1

After 3 days her pencil and hair bow were found at the entrance to the shed near the place where she was last seen.

After about 1.5 years of school backpack later discovered in trash bags in 41 km from her home — place, which is in the opposite direction to that in which was the girl. Next to the backpack were several bones of animals and men’s trousers. It was reclassified in criminal and still not solved.

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