«Jehovah’s witnesses» was ordered to pay $35 million to the woman whose rape the Church wanted to hide

Court of the state of Montana announced the decision in the controversial case involving the Church community «Jehovah’s Witnesses». The organization was ordered to pay $35 million for the fact that many years ago, its members hid the facts of sexual abuse of a young child. Moreover, these cases were two, but the advocates of the second victim failed to prove their case.

The victim, who is now 21, said that in 2000, one of the members of the community abused it. The elders of the community learned about the incident a few years later and banished the offender from the Church. However, after a year the man was taken back, and the story of an abused child decided to hush up. In law enforcement bodies did not apply.

A similar crime also described a 32-year-old woman, with the result that the court heard from 2 of the incident concerning harassment in the ranks of «Jehovah’s Witnesses». Lawyers for the Church associations insist that the laws of Montana free them from the need to notify the police about an internal conflict. The prosecution had a totally different opinion on this.

In the end, the court found «Jehovah’s Witnesses» guilty in the incident involving 21-year-old girl, as charged in the second case was closed for lack of evidence. The victim should receive $4 million for injuries that she suffered during the abuse, and $31 million in damages.

Representatives of Church associations intend to challenge the court’s decision and are already preparing to appeal. They assert that «Jehovah’s Witnesses» did not violate state law and require a retrial.


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