Employee of Dunkin’ Donuts poured water on the sleeping visitor, and laughed at him (video)

In the state of new York employee of Dunkin’ Donuts poured water on a customer sleeping in the restaurant, and then laughed when a wet man in a hurry to get ready.

The incident received wide publicity, thanks to the video on Facebook, occurred in the city of Syracuse.

In the video, the worker pours water on a sleeping man at the table and recalls that repeatedly warned him about this.

«Are you going to sleep here? How many times have I told you that it was not? How many times have you been told it’s customers? I’m not kidding, but you’re not going to call the cops, I decide this question himself,» — said the employee of the pyshechnaya.

After a homeless man (apparently) a man poured water, an employee with a colleague laughed out loud.

In his statement, the franchise Dunkin ‘Donuts said that they were «very concerned about what happened.»

«This is contrary to our values, our desire to create a welcoming environment for all. Staff involved in the incident, suspended from work at the time of the investigation. We will also contact the injured man to bring him my apologies,» the company said.

Today, October 1, near Dunkin’ Donuts in Syracuse there were about 20 protesters. Some protesters held posters with inscriptions: «Homeless people are people too».