12-year-old boy scout was alive buried in the sand

A tragic case was reported by law enforcement agencies of Michigan. 12-year-old boy, who were trained in the skills of the scouts in the camp, located near van Buren state Park, was alive buried in the sand. Police said the «tragic accident».

About incident it became known on September 29, when a 911 dispatcher received a call from scout camp. Eyewitnesses said that the boy named Geig Wilson has received numerous injuries after he rolled a lot of sand. The camp staff quickly got the child out of the traps and called rescuers are using helicopters transported the victim to the hospital.

12-year-old boy scout was alive buried in the sand
The boy’s family was in shock and may never recover after the incident. Photo: Yahoo

Unfortunately, doctors failed to save a young boy scout. 12-year-old Gag Wilson died from his injuries. His parents have notified the law enforcement agencies. Upon the death of the child criminal case, the police checks circumstances of the tragedy. Detectives do not exclude violations of safety, but yet consider what happened in the context of a fatal accident.

Guide scouts in Michigan issued a statement in connection with the tragic incident. It expresses condolences to the relatives of the boy, and also refers to an «occurrence during the event». It is possible that in the moment of death the child had participated in some contest or competition. In the near future doctors will be given a full conclusion, and then the investigation can move on.


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