Alaska hunter pinned under the bear, which he shot

This is truly the instant «boomerang effect»! In Alaska, a U.S. serviceman rolled stones and… the wounded bear, which he shot.

It happened last Saturday, September 29. 28-year-old William McCormick and his co-worker, 19-year-old Zachary Tennyson, was hunting about 100 miles South of anchorage. On the mountain they noticed the bear, and McCormick shot him. A wounded predator was rolling down the slope, knocking the soil from the stones, and with these stones fell squarely on the offender.

First William McCormick was taken to the infirmary of the military base of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, where he received first aid. But the injuries were too severe, so the man was transported to medical center Providence Alaska in anchorage. His condition is still critical.

If there’s anything left alive to bear (and it was a bear), as well as the height from which he fell, the hunter is unknown. A colleague of McCormick, Zachary Tennyson, was not injured.