In a Pentagon e-mail sent ricin — an extremely toxic white powder

Yesterday (1 October), the Pentagon received two parcels, inside which was ricin, a protein toxin of plant origin.

Correspondence is in a separate building on the grounds of the Pentagon, so none of the parcels, the contents of which tested positive for the poison did not get into the headquarters of the U.S. Department of defense, told CNN the representative of the American service defense.

According to the source, one suspicious envelope was addressed to the Minister of defence James Mattis, and the second — the chief of naval operations, Admiral John Richardson.

Press Secretary of the Pentagon, Colonel Rob manning, said that all mail delivered Monday, is under quarantine and is not a threat to the personnel Department.

«These envelopes were taken to the FBI this morning for further analysis,» added manning.

Ricin is an extremely toxic compound that is extracted from castor beans and is often used by terrorists. The poison, which is easy to prepare at home, affects the production of proteins in the body and eventually blocks it completely.

In contact with one pinch of ricin in the human body the toxin causes nausea, vomiting and bleeding in the stomach and intestines, followed by failure of the liver, spleen and kidneys. Death occurs as a result of cardiac arrest. Ricin can be used in the form of powder, granules, spray or acid.

Strange powder obtained by the embassies in Moscow, turned out to be insect repellent

Within two days of 13 foreign embassies in Moscow received envelopes with white powder, and from the same sender. The contents of the suspicious envelope was the means for baiting insects

In a Pentagon e-mail sent ricin — an extremely toxic white powder Website