The pizza guy saved the lives of abducted women read my lips: «Help!»

In Lyndon (Wisconsin) Supervisory the pizza delivery guy saved a woman forcibly detained in her house of a retired boyfriend.

Joy Gruendl called 911, noting that in addition to the men (who ordered pizza) in the house was still and the woman who silently whispered: «Police! Help!»

57-year-old victim started Dating Dean Hoffman in 2016. They lived together until August 2018, and then broke up.

Recently Hoffman broke into the home of ex-girlfriend, stole her phone when she tried to call the police, and dragged the woman upstairs. There he tied her up with wire and put it in his mouth gag. Several times hitting the woman, he threatened to get in the car the gun and kill her and himself. The children of his former mistress Hoffman sent on her behalf the message — it is, say, sick and a few days will not be able to visit them.

Later the victim told police that he had asked Hoffman to let her go, but in response I heard: «You know I can’t do that».

Pizza delivery man saves kidnapped woman after she mouths ‘help me’

— Jairo Rodriguez (@RealtorJairo) October 2, 2018

Rescued the woman the decision of the thief to order a pizza. She is extremely lucky that the order has brought joy to the Supervisory Grundl (pictured right). He called the police and after a few minutes Dean Hoffman was arrested. The man was charged with stalking victims, burglary and kidnapping.