Miracle in new York: the child was still alive after falling from the 6th floor

Miraculous rescue occurred yesterday, October 1, Harlem (new York). There are 9-year-old girl, dropped out of the window of the 6th floor, escaped with only a broken ankle.

The incident occurred around 5 PM at the Saint Nicholas Houses on W. 129th St. around Frederick Douglass Blvd.

For some reason, the girl half out the window, leaning on the air conditioner. He couldn’t withstand her weight and fell down with her. Saved the girl, apparently born in a shirt, soft awning kindergarten, tense on the second floor.

«I heard a loud «boom» and then a scream: «somebody, help me!»», — said a local resident Malkia Wiggins. According to her, the cry from the house ran out, the man removed the child from the roof of the kindergarten.

It is known that during the incident the girl’s mother took away sons from school. A woman was interviewed by the police. According to preliminary data, no charges brought against her was not.

In the Harlem hospital the victim was diagnosed with a broken ankle and a shock, but the girl’s life out of danger.