Mysteriously missing school teacher

Police in Maine are looking for a teacher working in the Chebeague Island School. October 1, the woman mysteriously disappeared from the sight of relatives and colleagues. Since then, her location trying to determine the special law enforcement officers and search teams. Moreover, the circumstances under which the woman left, cause many questions.

Mysteriously missing school teacher
The relatives of the missing teacher saying that there were no grounds for sudden disappearance of the woman was not. Photo: CCSO

According to police North Yarmouth (Maine), the last time the 47-year-old Christine Westra saw her husband on Sunday around 8 PM. The couple in this moment went to bed. In the morning the man woke up, but saw next to Christine. His wife was not there, although the car keys, cell phone and other things left the house. Suspecting something was wrong, Jay Westra called 911.

The relatives of the missing teacher shocked by what happened. They say that there are no grounds for sudden disappearance of the woman was not. Brother Christine Westra, says: it is not one of those who can throw something similar. The teacher always left for work early in the morning, but definitely reported about this family and saying goodbye to them.

Mysteriously missing school teacher
The location of the women are trying to identify law enforcement officers and special search teams. Photo: CCSO

Nevertheless, the family of the missing notes that in recent times women have had disagreements at home, and a stressful situation at work. Quite possibly, it once affected her behavior. On the day of disappearance Christine was going to go to the doctor and later to meet with friends. However, she wasn’t planning to leave the house early in the morning. Now the circumstances of the incident to investigate the police.

Law enforcement has released information about how the woman looks: brown hair and brown eyes, weight — 64 kg, height — 178 cm unfortunately, no one knows what was wearing the teacher before disappearing.


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