The trio of lovers pedophiles were videotaped as they rape children

A particularly cruel and cynical crime uncovered by the police in California. Three men accused in the gang rape of young children. Their actions attackers were recorded on video. Police believe that the participants in this «love triangle» involved in 48 cases of sexual violence against children. The court has put forward formal charges.

As told to prosecutors, members of criminal groups have coerced children to engage in sexual relations with adults and with other victims. Now you know about the 3 victims: 2, 5 and 10 years. Lovers repeatedly arranged orgies involving minors, thus removing all on camera.

One of the members of the gang of pedophiles in daily life is a respected surgeon James Kohut, whose specialization is the brain. Other members of the criminal trio was a nurse and a pregnant from the doctor woman. These people have realized their perverted fantasies.

At some point the group was split because of the baby, which had one of the women. She threatened to reveal the family of Dr. the presence of his child. The surgeon decided to resort to blackmail. The offender ordered the former nurse to the mistress to record the participation of the pregnant girls in the crime, then to use the evidence against her. Thus, the attacker wanted the future mother of his child to shut up.

Now the members of the criminal trio to appear before the law. They will have to answer for 48 counts of sexual abuse of young children. Experts note that the leader of the love triangle in childhood have also been a victim of harassment. His corruption was attended by the nurse, and her two daughters.

If the fault of defendants is proved, they may get life sentences. Judging by the amount of video evidence the prosecution has more than enough.


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