Shooting at cops in South Carolina: 1 person killed, 6 injured

Seven militiamen fell under the bullets of the shooter, barricaded yesterday, 3 October, in one of the houses of the city of Florence (SC). One officer was killed.

The details of the incident have not been disclosed. We only know that the man opened fire on the deputies, who came with a standard search warrant.

«He led a purposeful attack. From his position the area visible for hundreds of yards, so he had the advantage,» said the Florence County Sheriff Kenny Boone.

In the end, the police managed to break into the building and neutralize the shooter. His name is not reported.

In the shootout were injured 3 deputies and police district 4 of Florence — one of them later died in hospital. Some victims injuries are serious enough.

Our deepest thoughts are with the Florence Police Department and Florence County Sheriff’s Office.

— USC POLICE (@USCPD) October 4, 2018

Florence is a city in the North-Eastern part of South Carolina with a population of 38 thousand.

Donald trump commented on the incident on Twitter.

«My thoughts and prayers are with the Sheriff’s office and Police Department of Florence, wrote the President. — We are eternally grateful for our law enforcement officers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.»