A resident of Louisiana said that the Ghost threw him amphetamine and flew out the window

Probably the most unusual explanation about where the arrested took drugs, got the police of the city of West Monroe, in Louisiana. That felt: Halloween is near!

So, we tell the amazing story involving the Ghost.

Wednesday, October 3, 911 received a call from a 59-year-old Michael Tonberry — man yelled that he was hit him with an ax on the head.

Arriving at the address, police found: Tonberry safe and sound, but does not behave quite adequately — constantly sends curses some uninvited guests. Officers put on handcuffs the man to calm him down, and the house decided to examine to make sure that no one was there.

Searched for «intruders», and found on the nightstand in the bedroom… amphetamine. When Michael Tonberry brought drugs, he without thinking blurted out that they had been planted… a Ghost that, of course, «flew off» in the window.

Explanation of law enforcement is clearly not satisfied. Dreamer arrested for providing police false information, and, of course, for possession of drugs. Now, Tonberry is in prison, but could bail at $5 thousand.