Chicago police shooting at a teenager 16 times, was found guilty

The jury announced the verdict in the case of a white police officer, zastrelitsia of teenage African-American in Chicago in 2014. Jason van dyke was found guilty of second-degree murder.

What happened four years ago?
Chicago police shooting at a teenager 16 times, was found guiltyLaquan MacDonald

Van dyke, heard a message about the burglar in the Parking lot, literally a few seconds after the arrival of the already shot 17-year-old Laquana MacDonald — a total of 16 times. According to van dyke, he did so when he saw the kid had a knife and he feared for the lives of colleagues.

At the time of ambulance arrival MacDonald was still alive. His death is stated already in the hospital.

Van dyke was arrested in 2015: once published records from surveillance cameras, contrary to his testimony. According to the original statements, MacDonald refused to comply with the requirements of the police and threatened van Dyke with a knife. However, the record shows that the teenager moved away from the rule of law (and not approached them, as claimed by van dyke). In addition, the camera is not fixed, as MacDonald directs the officer weapon.

Van dyke refused to admit guilt and insisted on his version of events in the process of the court.

After the publication of the video

The administration of Chicago mayor RAM Emmanuel refused to publish videos throughout the year, but in November 2015, the authorities had to disclose by order of a judge.

After the video became available to the General public, in Chicago mass protests began. They culminated in the suspension of superintendent Garry McCarthy and investigated by the Department of justice working methods of the Chicago police. Last year, the prosecution has charged three more officers who allegedly covered van dyke. The trial will be held this year.

So what happened really?

According to the indictment, the officers shortly after received a report of a disturbance in the Parking lot, was stopped by MacDonald, who was holding the knife in his hand. At that time van dyke among representatives of law and order was not. According to police, the first to arrive on the scene, necessary use of force was not.

The prosecution stressed that van dyke opened fire on MacDonald in less than six seconds after getting out of my car, completely emptying the shop and continuing to shoot, despite the fact that the teenager fell to the ground. Van dyke was the only officer who used his weapon.