2 Schoolgirls suffered burns of the 3rd degree during an experiment in chemistry

Yesterday (5 October) around 13:30 in the Bronx two Schoolgirls — 17 and 15 years — were injured during a scientific experiment in chemistry.

Student Bronx International High School performed a spectacular chemical experiment called «faraonova snake«, which requires just a few ingredients — sand, sugar, soda and alcohol. The result of the experiment becomes black pillar that looks like it crawls out of the container, resembling a reptile.

But student did not finish the experiment. According to the fire service, the incident arose when the solvent vapor ignited. The result is that both girls suffered burns to the face, hands and shoulders.

Investigators say that at the moment chemistry teacher was in class.

One of the students told CBSNewYorkthat saw the girl running down the corridor with a burning sleeve. After the incident, classmates of the girls were allowed to go home.

Doctors report that girls are in stable condition and their injuries are not dangerous to life.

Chemistry experiment leaves two girls, 15 & 17, burned at the High School for Violin & Dance at the Morris Campus in Morrisania, BX. @FDNY official says they were making “carbon sugar snakes,” alcohol vapors + open flame caused the flash fire. #1010WINS pic.twitter.com/P2u5i1gEEU

— Sonia Rincon (@SoniaRincon) October 5, 2018

The Department of education has released the following statement about the incident:

«FDNY and EMS responded immediately to this serious incident. The safety of our students is our top priority, and the FDNY conducted a thorough investigation. The laboratory will not be used until then, until it is completed.»