In the accident near new York, killing 20 people

According to local police, 20 people were killed after the limo crashed into bystanders, 270 km North of new York city.

The accident occurred at 13:55 on Saturday, in the city Sahari — in the Parking lot near the popular tourist Apple Barrel Country Store. Among the dead as the passengers and the visitors of the store.

According to local authorities, the limo crashed into another vehicle, then ran over a few people. Eyewitnesses say that the car was coming down the hill at 60 miles per hour.

A hair brush and a fragment of tail light in the dirt at the scene of a accident in Schoharie which killed 20.

— Jesse McKinley (@jessemckinley) October 7, 2018

«Comb and part of the tail lights in the dirt at the scene in Schoharie, where 20 people died».

A member of the city administration Alan Tavenner stated that the intersection at which the accident occurred, was always extremely insecure. Route 30 goes down from the hill until a T-junction with highway 30-A. In the past there have been several accidents, and although, according to Mr. Tavenner, local service tried to rectify the situation, their efforts were not crowned with success.

The NTSB is sending a crew to the scene of the fatal crash in Schoharie. Here is a look at where it happened.

— Heather Kovar (@CBS6Heather) October 7, 2018

«The NTSB sent a team to the crash site in Schoharie. Here is a video of the incident.».

On a scene there arrived a police squad, three fire teams, six ambulances and two helicopters.

At the moment authorities do not call the names of the victims, however, according to the Daily Mail, killing 2 visitors and 18 passengers limo, invited to the wedding — including young people Erin and Shane McGowan.

Governor Cuomo has made an official statement expressing condolences to the victims and families of the victims and adding that the state police cooperates with local and Federal authorities in the investigation of circumstances of incident. Today, at 15.00, will take place a press-conference in connection with the incident.

According to the New York Times, the weekend of Columbus Day is the most busy period of the Apple Barrel Country store. The majority of visitors come from new York, new Jersey and Albany.

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