Chicago terrorized by an unknown killer in the mask, which has appointed a remuneration of $16 thousand

Law enforcement in Chicago made a lot of effort to track down a dangerous criminal who managed to take the life of at least 2 people. Police still do not know who this person is, because the crime he commits in the mask. For information leading the capture of a vicious killer and a reward in the amount of $16 thousand.

The first case with the participation of the malefactor in the mask occurred last Sunday, September 30. A victim of the killer was a 73-year-old Douglas watts. He got shot in the head while near his home in Rogers Park. The next day a mysterious killer strikes again. In this time of your life lost 24-year-old boy, Elijah, Moskovitz. He was also shot in the head.

Police immediately set up a special unit responsible for investigating this case. More than 40 detectives and patrol crews are working hard to neutralize the dangerous offender. Law enforcement officers believe that if in the near future to neutralize the attacker will come, he will continue to kill.

Due to the fact that the attacker conceals his face, the police could not establish his identity. According to detectives, an unknown killer either lives in the same area or nearby. Both times he was dressed in dark clothes, leaving open only a slit for the eyes.

Criminal reward several organizations. Jewish Federation of metro Chicago announced the award in $10 thousand, then joined the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF) – $5 thousand, and the local division of Crime Stoppers – $1 thousand.

Nevertheless, the culprit still on the loose, and Chicago residents still fear for their lives. This situation only exacerbates the epidemic of violence that has unfolded in one of the largest cities in the United States in recent months.


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