Car crash in new York: among the 20 dead were 4 sisters, who celebrate the anniversary of the youngest

On Saturday, October 6, in the city Sohari, about 35 miles West of Albany, was the worst accident in the U.S. over the last decade.

White limousine 2001 Ford Excursion, in which there were 18 persons, including the driver missed a Stop sign and at speed over 60 mph drove into the Park a popular tourist cafe.

According to first Deputy chief of the state police Chris Fiore, a car crashed into a parked SUV Toyota Highlander 2015, killing 2 people. Then the limo across the lawn near the Apple store & Cafe Apple Barrel, before crashing into a grove.

Relatives of the victims said that in the limo were four sisters – Abigail Jackson, Mary Dyson, Allison king and Amy Steenberg – all aged 30 to 35 years. Three of them went with their husbands.

New York Limo Crash :Photos of 4 sisters and husbands killed with 12 others

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«One just married, and that was it – her new husband gave her a surprise party on the occasion of birthday, – said in a trembling voice aunt sisters Barbara Douglas, reports the NY Post. They were beautiful girls, cheerful. They have had a whole life.»

Their brother, 35-year-old Tom king, told the NY Post that his four sisters «was very amicable».

«It was four Musketeers» – said king, said that in their family five sisters and two brothers.

According to Douglas, her brother, the father of seven children, told her that when [police] called him, they didn’t know what happened – the car’s brakes failed or there is another cause of the accident.

In the last post youngest sister Amy Steenberg says: «I just wanted to say, Axel Steenberg, I love you more than words can say!»

I just wanted to say Axel Steenburg I love you more than words can say! You are such an amazing man and entertain all my…

Posted by Amy Steenburg on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The dead spouses of the Jacksons had two children – Archer (age 4) and Ella (16 months).

According to authorities, the accident killed all 18 passengers and the limo driver and two pedestrians. The Chairman of the National Committee on transportation safety Robert Sumwalt called the incident the deadliest transportation accident in the United States after the 2009 accident in Buffalo (new York), when a Colgan Air plane crashed into a house killing 50 people.