10 most horrific accidents of America

The accident with the limo, which claimed on Saturday the lives of 20 people in upstate new York, was one of the worst accidents in U.S. history. Here’s 10 other incidents of this tragic list.

23 Sep 2005

On the highway South of Dallas (Texas) caught fire and exploded on a bus carrying pensioners from a nursing home. They were saved from hurricane Rita. Killed 23 people.

May 9, 1999

In Mississippi flew into a ditch, the bus headed to a casino. Killed 22 people. According to investigators, the driver was under the influence of marijuana and strong antihistamines.

21 Sep 1989

In Texas, a school bus collided with a truck and fell into a huge hole with water. Killed 21 students.

May 14, 1988

In Kentucky, returning from an amusement Park, a Church bus collided with a trailer. Killed 24 children and 3 adults — all who were in the bus.

May 30, 1986

In one of the canyons in California crashed a bus of Starline Sightseeing Tours. Killed 21 passengers.

5 June 1980

In a 12-metre ravine in Arkansas collapsed tourist bus carrying mostly elderly people from Dallas to Branson (mo). 20 people were killed.

21 may 1976

In California flew off the motorway, a bus carrying the members of the school choir. Killed 28 children and teacher.

17 September 1963

In California the freight train crushed a bus with 58 migrant workers. Killed 32 workers. It is the largest accident in U.S. history.

28 Feb 1958

In Kentucky, the road that ran along the river, into the water fell the bus with 48 elementary and high school — the accident killed 27 people.

4 Aug 1952

In Texas the night encountered 2 buses. The result of which 28 people died. Most of the dead were military.