The investigation of the accident in new York arrested the son of the owner of the limousine-killers

Yesterday, October 10, in new York, was taken into custody an employee of the company Prestige Limousine that has a limousine that killed 18 passengers and 2 passersby.

Arrested was a 28-year-old Nauman Hussain, the son of the Martyred Hussein — owner of the fatal limousine and, as it turned out, an FBI informant. According to the state police, Hussein Jr. is accused of criminal negligence resulting in the death of 2 or more people.

The chief of police of the state of George beach stated that Nauman Hussain received notice of violations from the police and Department of transportation, according to which the driver, who was driving the limo, «had no right to drive this type of vehicle».

The prisoner pleaded not guilty.

The investigation of the accident in new York arrested the son of the owner of the limousine-killers
Nauman Hussain, the son of the owner of the limousine that killed 20 people.

Earlier reviewers have already noted that in the fleet of Prestige Limousine involved machines that fail inspection, including limousine-killer, and the fact that hiring a driver without a commercial license.

«The responsibility for the fact that the car was on the road on Saturday, lies entirely in the Nauman Hussain,» said George beach, adding that additional charges and arrests.

In turn, the lawyer of the company Whether Kindlon claims that the safety of the limo, everything was in order. According to him, the accident could happen because of the driver who overestimated his chances and failed to brake in time at the end of the slides.

However, the widow of the deceased driver Scott Lisinichi in an interview with CBS said that her husband had expressed concern about cars. According to Kim, Lisinichi, she heard Scott several times said, «I’m on it (car I will not ride. You need to take another car.»

«He had good health. He was an excellent driver. More than 20 years he drove a tractor, — said Kim Lisinichi. — I want to protect my husband. I have to stand up for him because no one else».

Law enforcement agencies and the national Council on transport safety continue to investigate the largest car accident in the US over the last 9 years.