The city, destroyed by hurricane Michael: the history of survivor

Residents of Mexico beach, a coastal resort town in Florida, who refused to evacuate, told how they managed to survive. But how they live is yet to be resolved, because the city was virtually wiped off the face of the earth.

That began to crush the 2.7-meter storm surge, completed the wind that struck Mexico beach with the strength of 250 km/h.

Damage now from the back side of our condo building in Mexico Beach. #Michael

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) November 10, 2018

According to preliminary information, of the 1 190 the inhabitants of the town refused to evacuate more than 280, and the fate of many of them is still unknown.

67-year-old Linda Marquardt and her husband survived the violence of the elements. When their house began to fill, the couple moved to the 2nd floor. «All the furniture was floating. Now the entire first floor is full of dirt. We would have to hire a bulldozer to dig it,» says the woman.

Remained in the city and don Vickers with elderly mother and teenage son. They also took a friend who lived in a houseboat.

At some point during the storm don looked out the window and thought: why are the trees moving? It turned out, was moving their house, which broke from the base of the wind and the wave.

All four of us managed to move to another house, where they spent the night. «I’ve never been so scared. All prayed. I thought we were going to die,» says don.

«There is nothing left. You see sand on the other side of the buildings… Those were homes.»@WeatherNation’s Brandon Clement talks about what he’s seeing in #MexicoBeach, Florida this morning after #HurricaneMichael devastated the area.

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) November 11, 2018

Michelle McPherson was evacuated, but the town remained elderly mother of her friend. The woman lived literally 140 metres (!) from the ocean, but assured that she’ll be fine.

«Her house was completely destroyed. I called out, but heard only in response to the echo and the sound of the surf. I don’t know where she is or even where her body is,» says Michelle.

According to the census, more than a third of the population of Mexico beach — people over 65, and almost half of housing is intended for seasonal use. It was a quiet family resort, so unlike the bustling coastal town of the coast of Florida.

Eddie Lafontaine, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Mexico beach, I am sure that most residents will return and rebuild the city.

«I know from living here — people with big hearts and a lot of effort,’ said Reverend Lafontain. — They are stubborn. I think they will return.»