The hurricane Michael: 12 killed, 1.5 million homes without electricity

Because of hurricane Michael, according to preliminary information, has already killed 12 people. And, unfortunately, the terrible statistics will only increase, because to some affected areas rescue workers have not reached yet. The road to it is blocked by debris of buildings and fallen trees.

Now rescuers of the Federal Agency for emergency management (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to dismantle the rubble and debris in the towns in the North-West coast of Florida using to search for survivors (and bodies) of dogs and drones.

Although, raids on the coast of Florida, «Michael» had died down to a tropical storm, he managed to cause dangerous gusts and floods in Virginia, Georgia and North Carolina.

In Virginia, drowned 5 people, including one firefighter who arrived to help the victims.

Just A Mind Boggling Images Lives and Cities Changed Forever After Hurricane Michael. #HurricaneMichael

— Basie (@BasieTheGTFan) October 12, 2018

As of Friday morning, October 12, were left without power about 1.5 million homes and businesses, according to utilities.

As stated by representatives of the red cross, shelters for emergency situations are now 20 thousand people.

Because of the hurricane more than 40% reduction in oil production in the Gulf of Mexico because offshore platforms have been evacuated.

«Michael» was the third strongest hurricane in the United States for the entire history of observations. Stronger was the only hurricane Camille in Mississippi in 1969 and an unnamed hurricane in Florida in 1935.