Homeless man molested 6-year-old girl in hiding from the hurricane Michael

According to the County Sheriff’s office of Okaloosa, a homeless man was arrested after sexually molested 6-year-old baby in an emergency shelter during hurricane Michael.

That 60-year-old John Stapleton molested the child at Davidson Middle School, where locals were hiding from the disaster, police said a witness. According to him, he saw a video where a homeless guy was touching the girl «underneath.»

The police watched the video and talked with Stapleton. He admitted that he really touched the child, but insisted that it was not obscene.

A representative of the Sheriff’s office, Michele Nicholson said that the homeless did not know the victim or her family. It is not known why at the time of the incident, the parents or other relatives of the girl were not near.

The OCSO arrested a homeless man Thursday on charges he sexually molested a six year old child at a school being used as an emergency hurricane shelter. The 60-year old John Stapleton, Destin at large, is charged with touching the child in a manner lews. ⭐ app pic.twitter.com/ML6legwSHR

— OkaloosaSheriff (@OCSOALERTS) October 11, 2018

He was arrested and charged with wanton and lewd molestation of a child under the age of 12 years.

«Michael» when landed on 10 October about Mexico beach (FL), was an extremely dangerous hurricane 4-category, so demolished houses, trees and everything that was in his way. At the moment the number of deaths in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina has risen to 13 people, among whom there are 11-year-old girl. Although the storm has weakened, and the worst of it, but still about 1.27 million people in seven States remain without electricity.

Two men accused of raping 9-month-old girl

About the alleged crime, which occurred in 2016, said the child’s mother. The woman found the video, captured on a smartphone, which is one of the men commits a sexual act with her daughter. Through social network Facebook, she managed to identify the rapist — it was ISIA Hayes. According to prosecutors, ice shot the video.

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