Near long island plane crash: 1 person killed, 2 missing

The U.S. coast guard reported the crash near long island. On the morning of 13 October, near the shore in the area of Kvog the plane crashed Piper PA-34. At the moment, found the body of one of passengers. The search for 2 other people who were on the plane, continue.

About the incident police said the eyewitnesses. According to them, the aircraft something happened with the engines was heard as his engines began to «choke» and then stalled.

Near long island plane crash: 1 person killed, 2 missing
On the morning of 13 October in the district of Kvog the plane crashed Piper PA-34. Photo: youtube

Several witnesses claim that an aircraft flew some details and fell into the ocean.

Experts do not hasten to sound any versions of what happened. The coast guard arrived on boats at the crash site, found a lot of debris and a large stain spread fuel. Later prospecting was joined by a helicopter. The body was found one of the passengers, his identity is not yet established.

Today the search will continue. Divers survey the site of the crash, and boats will collect evidence on the surface of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the chances that anyone survived, almost none.


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