Passenger new York subway strangled t-shirt stuck in a escalator

In all cities where there are subway, go terrible stories about how someone got sucked into the shaft of the escalator. For 48-year-old Carlos Alvarez of the Bronx , this nightmare became a reality. The escalator jammed the shirt of the passenger, turning it into a noose.

The tragedy occurred on Sunday, October 14, at about 3.45 at the station Intervale Avenue in Longwood. According to police, when they arrived on the scene together with the rescuers, the man was lying at the top of the escalator, and part of his shirt was trapped in the mechanism. T-shirt cut, the man was taken to hospital, but they just pronounced him dead from strangulation.

We don’t know exactly what happened, the staff of the MTA are studying footage from CCTV cameras. But, according to preliminary information, Alvarez fell on the escalator — so his shirt caught in the mechanism. Man dragged to the top. Other passengers tried to help him, but in vain.

The press-Secretary of the MTA, Shams Tarek, called the incident «tragic incident».

There is an investigation.