Official from the United States starred in the background and killed them in Africa, giraffe, leopard and a family of monkeys

Attention! Below are graphic content!

In social networks launched a campaign against Blake Fisher from the Commission on fishing and game drives in Idaho (Idaho Fish and Game Commission). Official posted in the Internet a photo with a family of baboons killed during an African Safari. Among the trophies that flaunts Fisher, is a cub in the photo is visible blood, and in front of the arrows and taken away from the monkeys life.

RED ALER! ACTION! Commission member Blake Fischer killed an entire family of baboons & babies He bragged that his wife wanted watch him hunt, «So I shot a whole family of baboons» also shot a giraffe & leopard. TAKE ACTION and contact Governor Otter demand Blake Fischer’s removal

— Warrior Activist (@ActivistWarrior) October 13, 2018

Animals were killed on Safari in Namibia, where official traveled with his wife in September. Except baboons are victims of hunting down the Fisher steel giraffe, Impala (antelope cherepacha) and leopard.

At least three former high Commissioner from Idaho supported the campaign against colleagues. So, to resign Fisher called Fred Trevi, who has worked in this position for 8 years.

«I find it difficult to understand how a person who serves in our Commission, may consider such action «sports,» said Trevi in the email.

Hunting baboons in Africa allowed, but Fred Trevi quoted approved by the Commission on fishing and Safari state guide to hunting, which States that hunters should «refrain from photographing the murders, and their vivid descriptions».

#BlakeFischer these innocent animals pay the ultimate price for this killer’s pleasure just because he has money. May his soul rot in hell 😈

— Deno Rich (@denorich) October 13, 2018

Sam Blake Fisher said that didn’t do anything «illegal or immoral». «This is normal hunting photos, he said. — You shoot the animal and take pictures of him.»

Hunter from Idaho with years of experience Steven alder has a different opinion. «He killed an entire family of baboons, and there, in the photo, the baby on the lap of mom. So it is not done. I, for one, hate wolves, but I never shoot wolf family, take a picture of the killed cub and I will not smile at the same time,» said alder.

Hype with photo ill get to the Governor’s office of Idaho. As they appoint the members of the Commission, the fate of the Fisher will probably be solved soon.