Florida Commissioner of police shot and killed a thief who tried to steal an axe (video)

Yesterday, October 15, Lakeland Police Department (FL) released a video in which the police Commissioner shoots the man running from the store Vets Army Navy Surplus.

The details of the incident that occurred on October 3, 819 N. Florida Avenue in Lakeland, said the representative of the city police Department Gary gross.

It all started with the fact that one of visitors of shop, Cristobal Lopez, while his father paid for the goods at the checkout, got to the counter the axe and hid it under her clothes. That said Commissioner Michael Dunn. He stopped the man and asked if he was going to pay for this item. But Lopez headed to the exit, despite attempts by Dunn to stop him. As seen on record with CCTV cameras, the thief still ran out of the store, and police shot him. 10 minutes later, Lopez was declared dead.

«We just realized that the continued secrecy will not benefit the investigation,» said assistant Florida attorney Jacob Orr on why disclosure of the video.

According to Gary gross, Lopez and his father was reported to the police as «temporary residents»: in Lakeland they were about a month.

47-year-old Michael Dunn, the newly appointed police Commissioner in January this year, has not yet filed any ads. The investigation should be completed by the end of the week, according to militiamen of Lakeland.

According to the information on the page in Facebook Dunne, he is a co-owner of the store Vets Army Navy Surplus, which sells firearms and decommissioned military equipment. As reported by the local newspaper, the Lakeland Ledger, when Dunn was 19 years old, he accidentally shot another person, practicing sight in your home.

The obituary says baboutmost of the life of cristóbal lópez held in the County of hardy, working on the farm. In addition, the family had 3 brothers and 4 sisters. Buried Lopez October 15 at Friendship Cemetery in Zolfo springs.