Giant 5-foot alligator seen on a Golf course in Florida (video)

Alligator named chubbs put, a lover to spend the days basking in the sun on a Golf course in Florida, and again got into the lens of eyewitnesses.

The chubbs put, which was last seen on a Golf course Buffalo Creek in may 2016, has returned again to shock the players who came to play and saw this monster.

The video was filmed at the weekend, an eyewitness Saidam Strychni.

According to the man, he came to the Golf course with his father, when suddenly I saw the alligator. «I think he quietly crawled out of a small pond in another, larger,» — said Stricly.

In 2016, the chubbs put as impressively walked on a Golf course, which has since become famous. Many are now coming here hoping to see a giant alligator.

According to the staff of the Golf club, the alligator does not bother anyone and has already become a real talisman.

According to preliminary estimates, the chubbs put can reach a length of almost 16 feet (4.8 meters!). And if this is true, then Florida has a new alligator-the champion (the largest specimen ever seen in the sunshine state, was up to 14 feet 4.2 m).