In new York a slutty Uber driver kidnapped a sleeping passenger

A normal cab ride turned into for the residents of Manhattan real nightmare.

According to court documents, late in the evening of February 21, the victim, whose name was not disclosed, called Uber — should’ve been in white plains (new York).

After the passenger was asleep in the backseat, the driver — 24-year-old , Harbir Parmar from Queens — changed the destination in Boston and outside of new York. The woman woke up because the driver, stopping the car and climbing into the back seat, trying to unbutton her shirt.

The passenger resisted and demanded to take her to the police. In response, Mr. Parmar pushed her out of the car on interstate 95 in Connecticut. The victim went to the nearest store and asked for help.

«The driver, Harbir Parmar, 24, of Howard Beach, Queens, was arrested Tuesday and charged with kidnapping and wire fraud… «

— LegalRideshare® (@LegalRideshare) October 17, 2018

The Commissioner of the NYPD’s James O’neill has urged carriers to carefully check their drivers.

«This is a terrible story, — said the representative of Uber. — Learning about her, we immediately took the suspect access to the Uber platform. We fully cooperate with law enforcement».

Yesterday, October 16, former driver for Uber has been charged with kidnapping client.

Law enforcement officers urged to respond to other possible victims of a lustful cabbie.

For kidnapping in the United States there is a maximum penalty — life imprisonment.