In the US student brought to school cookies with the ashes of a grandparent

The California police are investigating a rather disturbing case: one of the students at DaVinci Charter Academy allegedly made cookies with human ashes and shared them with unsuspecting classmates.

There were many occasions when students brought to school cookies with the addition of marijuana, but the ashes is something new. The same is confirmed by the Lieutenant of police Davis (CA) Paul Doroshiv admit that I had never experienced anything like this.

According to police, the student brought cookies to campus and handed out at least nine students.

«That’s strange. But I have not heard that someone was sick or someone was hurt, said Doroshiv. — It’s so unusual that it needs more analysis».

Police are working to confirm that two high school students still suffered. Once that happens, they will have to decide what to charge. At the moment there is no proof that baking really is the ashes of someone from relatives of the student, in addition to the testimony of the disciples. Cookies have not yet been tested.

Today (October 16) morning, the school Director Tyler Millsap sent a letter to the parents of the students of DaVinci Charter Academy:

«The story that circulated in the media, is that I can’t comment on, but let me clarify that for our campus or for any of our students have no health risk.

We care about our students and we care about the families of our students…

I can say that those who were involved, repent, and now it’s a private family matter».