The man with the weapon in the Luggage said that did not know about it — because the bag was collected by the mother

Last week during a routine check of passengers ‘ Luggage through the x-ray machine at the international airport Baltimore-Washington (BWI) employees of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) found in one of the bags collapsible rifle 40 caliber. And all anything, but… the owner of the bags 22-year-old Ryan Moore of Hagerstown (MD) on the issue of weapons in the Luggage said that did not know about it because the bag he collected mom.

Confiscated the rifle was not loaded and is already the 20th on account of the firearm, which was discovered by TSA officers at this airport throughout the year.

According to the report, the young man was arrested. He was charged with illegal weapons possession, violation of safety rules in airports, and that it illegally smuggled weapons into the building. A hearing in his case will take place on 19 December in the district court of the County of Ann-Arundel, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Travelers who bring guns to checkpoints airport or in the plane, can face not only criminal charges, but the TSA fines of up to $130 thousand

According to TSA, BWI is not even in the top 10 airportsare most likely to find firearms is the leader in this list the international airport Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Here last year was found 245 weapons and 222 of them were charged. Over the past year at TSA checkpoints across the country were able to discover a record of 3995 units.