21-year-old cannibal in darknet «ordered» child to kill and eat

In Texas arrested 21-year-old Alexander Nathan Barter, who wanted to kill and eat a young girl. Your «ordering» the young man left in the darknet — a hidden, «underground», part of the Internet.

Barter is placed in the «dark net» ad with a request to all who have the opportunity to «help» find him at the mercy of man. For when the cannibal left 2 encrypted email. Fortunately, his post read FBI agent, who introduced himself as a parent and offered to Barter his little daughter.

21-year-old cannibal in darknet «ordered» child to kill and eatSource: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

As reported later, the police, Alexander said to the officer: «Great! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? We can kill her?»

In correspondence of Barter offered to meet. He planned to take the victim with him, and her «father» was advised to return home to Florida and to report to the police that his daughter «again» ran away from home.

Barter was arrested when he went to meet the «seller». A young man had a plastic garbage bag and a knife. It is known that he admitted to law enforcement that wanted to rape and kill the girl, although he was read the Miranda rule.

Now Barter is in jail Shelby County. He has been charged.

«This terrible incident is another reminder that parents should always remain vigilant and know what their children are doing on the network,» said district attorney Stephen Shires.