Girls came to school with knives to drink the blood of their victims to «go to hell»

A crazy story happened this Tuesday, October 23, at Bartow Middle School (Central Florida).

Two girls, 11 and 12 years old, came to school with knives and scissors and hiding in the bathroom, waiting for other students to kill them «for the devil» and to drink the blood of their victims. After they killed (or hurt) other students, the girls planned to commit suicide, police said.

«The plan was to kill at least one student, but they were going to kill 15 people, — stated in court documents. The plan they made in the hope that after the suicide will go to hell, to Satan».

According to preliminary information, all this girlfriend came up with after watching the horror movies on the weekends.

When the girls did not come to class, the teacher sounded the alarm. Police found zagovorit in the toilet.

During the inspection of the girls ‘ phone law enforcement read one of the messages: «We will leave their body parts at the entrance, and then kill yourself.»

If it was a bad joke, or the girls really wanted to commit such a crime, to figure out the investigators and the court. And while that high school girls are in the detention center for minors.