Woman accidentally dialed the wrong number, once in the diner, and it saved her brother

The story of humanity and mutual aid has occurred recently in Nebraska.

When the army veteran became ill and he needed to get to the hospital, his sister called the social worker, but eventually ended up in the diner Jimmy John’s. And this error became happy.

Jason Voss, Manager of Jimmy John’s in Columbus (Nebraska) with surprise listened to the caller an unknown woman, who told me he had just returned to Florida after visiting his brother, a veteran in Columbus. The man did a back surgery, and after discharge he became ill at home. And because he took medication, could not drive himself to the hospital.

So Lisa Nagengast (the veteran’s sister) and decided to call the social worker, but had the wrong number and ended up at Jimmy John’s.

«I don’t even know or originally wrote down the number wrong or make a mistake when typing because of the excitement,» said the woman.

Woman accidentally dialed the wrong number, once in the diner, and it saved her brotherPhoto: Flickr

Instead say: you have the wrong number, the Manager of the diner asked Lisa her brother. «The man needed help, and it turned out so well that it got to where there are drivers,» said Voss.

An employee named Zach Hillmer immediately jumped in the car, rushed to the house of the veteran and drove him to the hospital, located 9 miles from the residence of men. Fortunately, with the veteran is already all right.

«These people are amazing. I don’t know how to thank them,» said Lisa Nagengast.

Recall that in Michigan, 18-year-old man drove З60 km to deliver a pizza is dying of cancer.