A survivor of a concentration camp man «cheated death», for 4 minutes late in the synagogue

Being late by just 4 minutes, saved the life of 80-year-old resident of Pittsburgh Jude Sameto. On Saturday, October 27, he arrived in the synagogue Tree of Life to 9.49. And shooting that has become the bloodiest act of anti-Semitism in U.S. history, began at 9.45.

«I parked the car, when suddenly someone knocked on my window. Some guy told me very calmly: «You’d better leave the synagogue shooting,» recalls Judah Samet.

Not believing he got out of the car. And then saw a policeman with a gun. And then someone shot a COP — the man with the machine gun. Samet was on the line of fire, but the bullets fortunately missed. He sat back in the car and tried to leave the Parking lot.

«Lord, my story is not over,» thought the man.

Judah Samet was born in Hungary. Your 8th birthday he met in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen in Germany, and a member of the community synagogue’s Tree of Life has been for 50 years.

Samet knew almost everyone who died at the hands of Robert Bowers, as almost 40 years was a reader of the Torah in the synagogue.

«My thoughts kept going back to 1940, when the Nazis tortured my family, killed my family. I remember my mother taught us never to listen to what they say. Repeated: «Look at their hands, because words can’t kill you,» says Samet.

To the question about what his mother, Rachel (Rachel) Samet, I would say about the shooting, which he experienced on October 27, Judah Samet said, «She would say, «It never ends».