Disneyland asks visitors not to scatter them at the Park the ashes of deceased relatives

Most of us arrived in Disney World and Disneyland to have fun, and feel carefree, like a child. But as it turned out, attend some amusement parks with a completely different purpose — to allay there the ashes of deceased relatives. And these people more than you could imagine.

Current and former employees of the disney parks, told the Wall Street Journal that they have repeatedly found human ashes on the rides, lawns and other places of Disney World and Disneyland. Repeatedly — about once a month. These cases even have a special code for employees: HEPA cleanup.

«I scattered the ashes of his mother about Cinderella’s castle in 2009 — says a resident of Florida. — Everyone who knew my mother, knew also how she loved this place.»

The administration is trying to convince visitors not to turn in parks cemetery, threatening violators with immediate expulsion from the Park, but so far nobody was caught «red-handed».

Another American on condition of anonymity, said that she scattered the ashes of his father at Disney World in 2006, and last week did the same thing in the same place with the ashes of the deceased brother.

In General, parks have probably already found dozens of ghosts, grim joke the staff of Walt Walt Disney.