Gangster and a Boston mob leader «Whitey» Bulger murdered in prison

89-year-old James «Whitey» Bulger, who was the leader of the underworld of Boston for a quarter century, and even 16 years — was on the run, died in Federal prison.

The famous American mobster, who is serving a life sentence, was transferred from a Florida prison in USP Hazelton prison with a high degree of security in West Virginia. According to the Boston Globe, as of Tuesday morning (October 30) Bulger was listed in the USP Hazelton. However, after a few hours he reported that he was found dead, and later said that the cause was murder.

«In seven months this is the third murder on our object,— said the representative of the trade Union of workers of correctional institutions Richard Hildreth in a telephone interview with CBS. — We are understaffed, we have about 40 officers.»

Heldreth not announced any details about the death of the famous gangster.

For more than two decades Bulger was one of the most notorious gangsters in the country, the leader of the Boston battle of Winter Hill. According to the FBI, he killed or arranged the killing of almost 20 people in the years 1973-1985.

Bulger, the son of a poor Irish immigrant who grew up in South Boston. In fact, he brought up the street so by the time I became a teenager, has repeatedly been arrested for several crimes. It is the local police gave him the nickname «Whitey» because of his very light hair.

In 1940-ies after a stay in a penal colony for minors Bulger enlisted in the air force. In 1952 he was released from service after several instances of violations of the laws and desertion.

Bulger Whitey there’s been back in his Alcatraz days…

— Matt Eastwood (@matteastwood) July 16, 2013

From 1970 «Whitey» began to climb the criminal career ladder, the result of which was the leader of a criminal organization Winter Hill. Engaged in extortion and trafficking of firearms is a criminal enterprise earned him more than $30 million.

For many years he was an FBI informant, collecting dirt on the mafia clan operating on its territory. In 1994, when the Bureau made the decision on his arrest, Bulger ran from Boston through he bribed the agent.

In 2011, California’s «Whitey» is still caught. After two years of litigation, the mafia was imprisoned for two consecutive life terms for 11 murders.

Gangster and a Boston mob leader «Whitey» Bulger murdered in prison
James «Whitey» Bulger died in prison.

Way unprincipled and ruthless gangster inspired Hollywood Directors and has created several films based on the dark side of his life. And in 2015 based on the book «Black mass», about the life of Boston crime boss, was shot crime drama, in which the main role was played by johnny Depp.

Bulger also became the prototype of the head of the Irish criminal group in the ribbon, the Oscar-winning «the Departed», where he played Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson.