The mother saw her son after 31 years after his abduction (photo)

A resident of Canada Lynette Mann-Lewis met his son after 31 years after boy was kidnapped and taken to USA by his father.

«Words cannot Express what I felt when they called me and said, «Your son is alive, we found him,» he told reporters Lynette Mann-Lewis on 29 October, a few days after she learned that her ex-husband Allan Mann and son Jermaine was found in Connecticut.

Jermaine, who is now 33, grew up believing that his mother died. So his father said.

Allan Mann, a citizen of the United States and Ghana, kidnapped 2-year-old child in 1987 and brought it to the States.

The man produced a fake American birth certificate for yourself and your son, whereas the police all these years, the boy was looking in Canada.

Only in 2016, there is evidence that in 1990-e years, Allan and Germaine lived in the Bronxand then moved to Connecticut under false names. They were declared wanted in Connecticut.

And in 2018, the forensic specialist has compared an old photo of Allan with a photo of the driver’s license, issued to one Haile the DeSouza in Connecticut, and suspected that one and the same person.

And here on Friday, October 26, Alan Mann was arrested in Vernon. His ex-wife immediately flew to USA to see my son for the first time in 31 years.

«The first thing I did held him tight to myself. I touched his face and hair to ensure that it is real. I said, «God, my child,» recalls Lynette Mann-Lewis.

Lyneth Mann-Lewis took us through her 31 ordeal in 20 minutes. 31 years ago her husband abducted their 2-year-old son & disappeared. Police recently found him, she describes touching her son’s hair, face, & cooking him chicken only to find out he is a vegetarian. Story to follow.

— Steve Russell (@SteveRussell) October 29, 2018

According to the woman, they talked at the hotel with his son all night and he didn’t want to leave. Probably Jermaine will live in US, because he — arranged life in Connecticut, but according to Lynette, they will always visit each other.

Neighbors arrested in Vernon said that he was shocked after learning about this story.

«We have lived side-by-side for many years. He said he was originally from South Carolina that his wife left with their son, after removing all the money from the Bank account,» — said one of the neighbors.

Allan Mann is deported to Canada, where he was charged with kidnapping a minor.