Near the synagogue in Brooklyn arrested a man with knives

The NYPD detained at the synagogue in Brooklyn a suspicious man with knives in his hands. It reported passers-by by calling 911.

It happened today, October 30, at about 9 am at the intersection of E. 22nd St. and Ave. S in Midwood, next to the synagogue Breit Shaul U Miriam.

VIDEO: Man walking through predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn waving two knives. Arrested outside synagogue by the NYPD.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 30, 2018

The man was sent to Coney Island Hospital for psychiatric observation. Yet he was not charged with any crime.

🇺🇸#REPORT: moments ago, an attempted stabbing in a Shul on Ave S in #Flatbush

— BELAAZ (@THEBELAAZ) October 30, 2018

The incident caused a furor in social networks — exaggerated theme of continuation of anti-Semitic attacks. Some Twitter users falsely claimed that the man was killed when he tried to stab someone in the synagogue. But, as stated by the NYPD arrested did not threaten anyone, did not make statements against the Jews and even tried to swing the knife.