In new Jersey, the daughter of the mayor, a teacher, seduced student

Police in new Jersey arrested the daughter of the mayor borough of Lodi (Bergen County). 32-year-old Stephanie of Carafa, teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, entered into a sexual relationship with an underage student.

As representatives of the local Prosecutor’s office, detained worked at the school since 2012. Her father, Emil Carafa, Jr., has been in charge of this borough. About an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a teenager it became known last week.

In new Jersey, the daughter of the mayor, a teacher, seduced student
32-year-old teacher Thomas Jefferson High School in Lodi entered into a relationship with an underage student. Photo: Bergen County Sheriff’s Office

Initially it was about the exchange of lewd photos, but when the detectives dug deeper, it became clear that the teacher entered into a sexual relationship with a student. Saturday, October 27, a woman was arrested. She’s charged with statutory rape and endangering the welfare of a child under the age of 16.

Father Stephanie Carafa said that her daughter is everything for him, like the rest of the family, and that situation can deal with only by the court. According to the mayor, now he is most worried about the future fate of his daughter, but otherwise he is not ready to comment on the incident.

The nearest judicial session on business will take place on Friday, at 9 am. The victim’s name has not been disclosed. If the fault Stephanie Carafe is proved, to it threatens decent prison term.


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