High school student in North Carolina shot and killed a classmate

In high school North Carolina a classmate opened fire in a crowded corridor at the beginning of the school day on Monday.

The injured student was taken to the main medical center in North Carolina in critical condition. Later information was received that he died from his wounds.

Authorities have identified Jatwan Craig Cuffie, who was arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing his classmate at Butler High School on Monday morning. He was immediately taken into custody after the incident. When it was discovered the weapon used in the incident.

#BreakingNews @matthewspolice say suspect of the deadly shooting is JATWAN CRAIG CUFFIE. He is currently in the Mecklenburg Co. Jail charged with first degree murder. @wsoctv pic.twitter.com/DEKAdndOZ9

— Allison Latos (@AllisonWSOC9) October 29, 2018

Officials said that the officer school security was in the neighborhood and isolated the suspect shooter in the class. According to available information, the incident did not involve other people.

«Presumably, this was an isolated incident, the scene cordoned off,» — said in a statement to the police Matthews in Facebook.
Mason Tyrrell said the shooting was recorded on school surveillance cameras. They show that the incident provoked a fight between students. It is unknown where did the gun.

One of the students said, «I was in the cafeteria, in the hallway near the cafeteria… I heard a shot. Well, I heard a loud sound. And thought it was someone knocking on the lockers. At first I thought it was a joke, but then saw people running. Later, when I got to my hallway, the teacher shouted: «This is an isolated place! There’s a shooter!»

here’s a different look outside butler high. the scene of today’s shooting that killed one student @FOX46News pic.twitter.com/gZp7NQSodL

Brandon Earl Smith (@BrandonFox46) October 29, 2018

The school had many students, when there was a deadly shooting. To clarify all the circumstances of the school children were locked in the building. They were released after a crowd of parents at 9:15 gathered on campus to demand the release of children.

We’re able to move closer to the school now. Traffic moving in the area but still a large police presence in front of Butler HS after a student was shot here, died at hospital. pic.twitter.com/QUTWOCrI8y

— Matt Grant (@MattGrantFOX46) October 29, 2018

Officials of the school district said that classes will continue on campus, as scheduled, and the security of the school will be revised and improved.

The Governor of the state of North Carolina Roy Cooper also said in a statement: «I’m heartbroken, when I heard about today’s school violence has taken the life of high school student in Matthews. We contacted local officials to Express sympathy and public support when necessary. As soon as we get more information, it is extremely important to gather together to do everything in our power to prevent these incidents and the removal of weapons from our schools.»

Authorities continue the investigation.