Accident on long island: the car left the pavement, knocking 4 students

On long island 4 high school students suffered serious injuries in an accident involving 4 cars, one driver of which lost control.

The accident occurred yesterday, 31 October, around 15: 00 near the intersection between Elmont Road and Dutch Broadway. According to police, the kids just got out of between Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School and stood not far from the scene.

As reported by the Commissioner of police Nassau County Patrick Ryder, a car drove off the road, crashed into a tree and a pole and ran over the children, then turned over, once on the lawn in front of one of the houses.

Accident causes serious injuries in between Elmont

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) November 31, 2018

It has affected students 15-16 years — 3 girls and a boy. Two of the injured are now in critical condition and a boy and another girl were taken to a nearby hospital with serious, but not dangerous to life injuries. Other victims in the accident no.

«I heard a loud noise, similar to the one when facing the car, said the store owner Sunny Brajabati. — It was a crazy sight, some children fled. We went outside, and [that we] saw was horrible.»

According to Lieutenant Richard Lebrun, in this case no one arrested. There is an investigation.

«I sympathize with the families of affected children and the whole community of Elmont, said a spokeswoman for education school district of Sewanhaka tamera battle, Burkett. This tragedy has affected all of us.»