In the state of new York kids found candy on Halloween needles and stones

According to WRGB, police are investigating a message about the kid who found the candy Mounds needle. The case occurred in Husic falls (new York). The baby, fortunately, was not injured.

Police say this is an isolated case, but other messages about potential hazards, is a concern.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS: The Hoosick Falls Police Chief says a child bit into this candy bar after trick-or-treating and discovered a needle in the candy. The chief is encouraging all parents to check their kids’ candy before eating it. They do believe this is an isolated incident.

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The district attorney of Oswego, said Wednesday that the parents reported that their children received a box of candy Dots, which were replaced by stones, the packaging was opened and then sealed again. He also said that under similar circumstances the children were received a package of M&Ms. Both events took place in Mexico city, the village in the northeastern part of Oswego County (new York). At the moment it’s unclear if the relationship between them. In both cases, the children were not injured.

ALERT: There are two reports that parents found a DOTS candy box filled with rocks in their childrens’ trick-or-treat supplies. D. A. Greg Oakes says both reports involve candy collected in the town of Mexico. There Parents should check candy carefully to avoid a choking hazard.

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However, not all accidents end so well. WSYX-TV reported a 5-year-old boy from Galleon (Ohio), who were exposed to methamphetamine after Sunday ate a meal that contained drugs. The police stated that he was hospitalized for treatment, and the drugs may have been in candy or non-edible items (rings, bracelets, necklace or artificial teeth).

«The left side of his face drooped, and then he fell and could not move my left hand, told the boy’s mother Julia Pence. And he didn’t know where he was and what’s doing.»

WAND-TV reports that the candy was discovered a metal object. The case occurred in Sherman (Illinois) on Wednesday. About injuries was not reported.

Sherman, Illinois, police say they have a single report of tainted candy and urge parents to inspect their kids’ treats. No injuries reported. Metal object found in @reeses cup. Pic:

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WJXT announces the discovery of potentially dangerous candy, in the County of Clay, state of Florida. Additional information is not yet available. According to WGME, treating in Newport (Maine) was found a needle.

Just a reminder to all parents! Please check your childrens candy. This was reported to us here at Newport PD. Unfortunately, a parent got stabbed by the pin upon reaching into their childs bag.

Posted by Newport Police Department on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

You should remember that many of the stories about «dangerous» candy on Halloween, which was poisoned or contain drugs, are myths. However, there were real examples.

In 1974, a Texas resident named Ronald O’brien gave the poisoned cyanide candy bars to children. The one who died, was his 8-year-old son. Insurance of lives of children in large amounts suggested to the police a possible motive for the murder. Later, O’brien was sentenced to death.

In 1982, there were about 500 child victims (including poisonings tylenol), 7 of whom died.

Of course, parents should protect their children. Therefore:

Do not allow children, even the taste of sweetness, if you notice:

  • unusual appearance or discoloration of the packing;
  • tiny spot or drop of liquid on the package;
  • unpainted sweets;
  • homemade cakes or other homemade sweets (if you do not personally know someone who gave them).