Alec Baldwin arrested for slapping man in the face in fight over a Parking space

Today (November 2), the police arrested the actor Alec Baldwin, known for his temper, presumably because he hit the man in the battle for a Parking space in Greenwich village.

According to sources the Daily News, the incident occurred about two o’clock at his home on E. 10th St. near Fifth Ave.

Until someone from the family members (or possibly a babysitter Baldwin) was holding a Parking spot for the actor, the other driver slipped and took it. As a result, the men began sparring.

«You think you’re doing?» — shouted Baldwin, according to an anonymous witness Page Six.

And when unknown went to the Parking meter, the actor ran up and punched him.

«It was like a scene from Goodfellas,» said another witness named albert.

At the moment a celebrity is on trial in the 6th police station. He can be charged with third-degree assault.

About the affected know only that he is 49 years old. The man has not received serious injuries, but he was taken to Lenox Hill Healthplex for assessment.

This is not the first arrest of a Baldwin. Once he was detained by the police of Manhattan, when he was riding a Bicycle in the oncoming traffic, and then acted aggressively toward officers.

Baldwin is also known for his critical statements about President trump. In the middle of last month the actor, who often parodies the American leader in the show Saturday Night Live, and urged his compatriots to peacefully and legally «overthrow» the government of the United States.

When the President was asked today about the incident involving Baldwin, trump said only: «I wish him good luck.»