In Wisconsin pickup truck crashed into the girl scouts cleaning garbage: 4 dead

Clear Saturday morning in Western Wisconsin was overshadowed by a tragedy that claimed the life of 3 the girl scouts and one adult.

Of the fourth-grader accompanied by an adult left on County road P in lake Hallie (Chippewa County) for cleaning debris from roadsides. This section of the route passing through farmland and residential areas, Girl Scouts has pledged to remove in spring and autumn. Bright lime green vests, who were dressed volunteers, unfortunately, did not save them from death.

To remove the road from two sides, the girls were divided into two small groups. Suddenly a black pick-up Ford F-150 drove off the road, crashing into one group. According to eyewitnesses and police, the car was immediately back on the roadway and disappeared, leaving behind a ghastly sight. Two girls and an adult died on the spot. The other two girls were taken to the ambulance and helicopter to a nearby hospital — one of them the doctors are unable to help. The survivors is in critical condition.

A pickup truck has lurched off a road in the US and hit a group of Girl Scouts picking up rubbish in a ditch, killing three girls and one adult and critically injuring a fourth girl.

Sergeant Daniel Sokup of the Lake Hallie Police Department

— James E Daspit (@treasurecolecto) November 4, 2018

«The pickup flew off the road and crashed into a group of girl scouts who were collecting trash on the roadside, killing three girls and one adult, the fourth received serious injuries».

As reported by a police Sergeant Daniel Soukup police Department lake Hallie, the pickup driver was 21-year-old Kolten Trew from Chippewa Falls, which after some time he surrendered to the police. Now he is in the Chippewa County jail. Contenu Trew charged with killing 4 people because of careless driving.

According to Daniel Soukup, the accident occurred in front of the hill, and on this stretch of road has no «blind spots». What diverted the driver’s attention, to figure out the result.

A relative of one of the girls was injured during a collision, said that they were all scouts and went to Halmstad Elementary School in Chippewa-Falls.