After a quarrel over «three» teen strangled his mother and buried her body near the Church (photos)

After receiving a scolding for assessment D, a 15-year-old Gregory Logan strangled the sleeping mother and buried her body in the neighboring Church.

The tragedy occurred in Daytona beach (FL) in the night of 2 November. According to Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the teenager had a fight with her mother, 46-year-old Gail Clevenger, given the school a bad rating.

«The woman in the hearts of called the boy’s father, who at that moment was in business trip in Seattle and told him what had happened. After that, the woman went to bed. And then Gregory went to her bedroom and began to choke,» — said the Sheriff.

Gregory went to the backyard with the wheelbarrow to get rid of the body, but when she returned to the bedroom, I saw that the mother is still alive. Then he again began to choke and choked for about half an hour, until the woman gave up the Ghost.

The guy loaded the body into the parent vehicle, drove to a Church nearby and buried on its territory under a fire pit, and then with the help of buddies from school staged the burglary.

Posted by Gail Elaine Cleavenger on Friday, September 22, 2017

The next morning, Gregory went to school, and after school went back home and called 911 to report a «breaking and disappearance of the mother».

That’s just during the interrogation of the picture the police did not add up, and soon the teenager confessed.

Sheriff, Chitwood called this case the most awful of all with whom he had to face during the period of service.

Friends of the juvenile offender also arrested.