California school teacher was severely beaten 14-year-old student (Video)

In the southeastern part of Los Angeles (California) scandal, in the midst of which was an elderly school teacher.

The conflict of employee education and one of the students of Maywood Academy High School escalated into a beating of 14-year-old. The incident recorded on phones by numerous witnesses of the incident, but the raging man could not even reassure his colleagues.

On the published video shows the school boards are 64-year-old Marston Riley and a minor child. After a few moments, the teacher throws a student with his fists. The man beats the boy’s leg, then catching up and exchanging a series of blows. When Riley manages to hold down a teenager near the chairs, he takes violently beating a student.

At this point one of the officers Maywood Academy High School tries to stop that from happening, ottaskivaya child’s teacher. However, Marston Riley arrives and tries to catch up with the victim. Fortunately, this active phase of their confrontation ends. Now police will find out who was wrong in this situation.

The students said that the conflict between Riley and 14-year-old boy arose from the shape of the boy’s clothes. The child was dressed inappropriately, so the teacher asked him to leave the class. The student refused to comply with the requirements men, after which there was a verbal sparring.

During the dispute both parties repeatedly insulted each other, and the minor began to focus on racist statements. Supposedly this was the last straw for Marston Riley.

California school teacher was severely beaten 14-year-old student (Video)
The students said that between Riley and 14-year-old boy the conflict arose due to the shape of the boy’s clothes. Photo: Youtube

School employee arrested, charged with cruel treatment of children and released on bail. In the school sent crisis counselors and psychologists who will help to solve urgent problems with discipline.

Militiamen, in turn, promise to look into the facts of beating. It is noted that the victim received minor injuries and after examination in the hospital, was released home.


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