Shooting in a bar in California: report on the many wounded

On Wednesday night I received information about the mass shooting at a restaurant in California, Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks). Police received a call about a shooting with multiple victims in Borderline Bar & Grill 99 Rolling Oaks Dr. around 23.15.

A representative of the Sheriff’s office Ventura County confirmed that at least six people were injured. The search for the shooter is still continuing. He added that preliminary information, and victims may be more. At the time of the incident in the bar were hundreds of people.

Some tearful reunions among those presumably (though unconfirmed) at Borderline or who knew them at Borderline. #Borderline #BorderlineShooting #ThousandOaksShooting @vcstar

— Jeremy Childs (@Jeremy_Childs) November 8, 2018

One of the witnesses, John Hedge of Moorpark, argues that saw the suspect threw a smoke bomb into the crowd in front of the restaurant. In addition, according to the Hedge, was wounded of the guards. A witness described the assailant as a man with a beard, wearing a black jacket, a hat, and maybe glasses.

Another witness, who refused to give his name, said a man walked into the bar at 23:30 and began to fire a weapon similar to the black gun. Aubrey Ryan, 27, who was in front of the restaurant with friends, saw unknown persons opened fire on the ceiling in the room. According to Aubrey, the assailant was shouting something, but she couldn’t hear what.

Source LA Times law enforcement said on condition of anonymity that there has been at least 30 shots have died.

According to the page bar in Instagram, on the night of the incident he held a themed event Borderline»s College Night.

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