A school teacher committed suicide in the classroom

31-year-old teacher Wessendorff Middle School in Rosenberg (TX), life committed suicide right in its class. It happened Monday morning, November 5th.

How told the police, Jordan halana before the start of classes discovered colleague and immediately dialed 911. Halana was taken to hospital, where he died.

Neither school officials nor law enforcement officers have not yet told about the cause of death halana, saying only that «weapons in school and the children were never in any danger».

Posted by Jordan Ali Halane on Sunday, August 23, 2015

«According to investigators, it was definitely a suicide — said parents, the school Director Sonya Sanzio. — The students remained in their classrooms and did not know about the incident. We have slightly changed the schedule, and students released early from school. The main thing for us is the safety and wellbeing of pupils».

These days in the schools of the district work group on psychological counselling in crisis situations.

Jordan Halal, taught fine arts, loved music, played several musical instruments. In December 2016 it was a wedding.

«Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.»

Posted by Jordan Ali Halane on Saturday, January 2, 2016

In the teacher’s profile on the school’s website, he called himself «an eternal music lover, who is passionate about education and art.»

What prompted the teacher to commit suicide, to figure out the detectives.