New York detained the leader of a street gang Mad Stone Bloods

At the entrance to the Manhattan, was arrested a Brooklyn resident William Seeley, also known as Papa don.

According to the FBI, that Seeley is the leader of a Mad Stone Bloods is a violent street gang operating in almost all areas of the United States.

The feds followed the Seeley car and arrested him at the entrance from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Today, November 9, Seeley must face justice. Bail for the arrested is not installed because of «danger to society when he is free».

The FBI believes that Seeley is likely in charge of all «affiliates» of the group, from Connecticut to Texas.

«He was the authoritarian head of a gang with the power to open and close «branches» Mad Stone Bloods across the country. And it was he who gave the criminal orders, including murders, assaults, robberies, drug trafficking and the sale of firearms,» said the FBI.

In court documents it is said that the gang chose their colors red and black, consists of 10 «branches»: Mad Stone Gangsters, Henchmen, Mad Stone Mad Stone Kartel, etc. are managed by chiefs of lower rank than that of Papa don. The nickname of the «branches» for some reason connected with the world of high fashion, Fendi, Prada, etc. have gangs and the Caucus — Mad Divas Stone, or Chanel.

William Seeley was charged nearly three dozen items, including the sale of hard drugs and participation in murders and robberies in the period from 2010 through December 2016.

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